A beautiful setting, close family and friends, delicious food, exquisite styling and a glowing couple. All you need is for these things to seamlessly meld together to create a wonderful wedding. But how does anyone really know how your big day will go? That’s just it, as much as you plan, as much you think you’ve thought of every possible risk, unfortunately there is always something that doesn’t go to plan.


That’s where a wedding day coordinator comes in. You’ve heard of wedding planners before – the guys that work with you right from the start, creating and organising every element to bring your vision to life. The wedding day coordinator focuses on the big day itself, ensuring your brilliant planning all runs smoothly. Unfortunately, all too often couples learn about the possibility of hiring a wedding day coordinator too late. Take a look below at the 10 areas in which a wedding day coordinator can truly make the difference to your big day.


Your wedding day coordinator is completely committed to ensuring your wedding day plays out seamlessly; here’s what they take care of before your big day:

  • Consultations – usually six months before the big day and then one month out. Generally held at your chosen venue, requirements of the day will be discussed.
  • Online event management tool, for your event file creation
  • Creating a personalised comprehensive run sheet for your wedding day
  • Vendor management, calling suppliers 24-48 hours prior to wedding and confirming details
  • Wedding rehearsal – your wedding day coordinator will attend to ensure they are completely across all elements of your wedding day, down to the last detail.
  • Timeline  – create and then distribute to all vendors involved.


The day you’ve spent hours, days and months planning is finally here. While you’re enjoying your last morning single, your wedding day coordinator is hard at work. Here’s just some of the many things they will be meticulously organising:

  • Liaising and confirming details with all vendors involved on the day (transport, florist, cake supplier, photographer)
  • Overseeing décor and styling at the venue, including tables, centrepieces and props
  • Ensuring the venue coordinator has everything in place for the big day – if there are any issues your Wedding day coordinator is there to take care of them


While you and your wedding party are unveiling true beauty with the help of hair, make-up and couture, your wedding day coordinator will be busy at work organising many things, including:

  • Arranging a last minute seamstress to repair or alter any clothing if needed
  • Stepping in as your photographer to capture your special moments getting ready if the photographer is running late
  • Coordinating the logistics of any missing items (hair accessories, jewellery etc.). Ensuring replacement items arrive ASAP
  • Managing deliveries to and from the preparation suite/destination


Now that your wedding party looks stunning, it’s time to make your way to the wedding venue. Let’s hope that the wedding transport arrives on time and the traffic’s not too bad, but who will make sure this happens? Your wedding day coordinator of course, here’s just some of the things they will do:

  • Liaise with the transport supplier earlier on in the day to ensure everything’s set to go. They will also have an update from the supplier closer to departure to get an ETA
  • Upon arrival of your transport, they will ensure vehicles are parked in the correct position and order
  • Once your wedding procession is on the road, they will be back on the phone to the venue coordinator and other suppliers, ensuring everything is running smoothly.


While your wedding party makes their way to the venue, your wedding day coordinator will arrive ahead of the party; they will be:

  • Checking all suppliers have made their deliveries and that everything is perfect
  • Ensuring all guests are comfortable and assembled in the right place
  • Liaising with the celebrant, venue coordinator and any other key personnel to advise that your wedding party is about to arrive


Now that your wedding party has arrived, excitement is in the air. To ensure the ceremony gets underway smoothly, your wedding day coordinator will be calmly checking and organising many things, including:

  • Assembling and cueing the bridal party for the ceremony procession
  • Cueing the celebrant and ceremony music
  • Ensuring the couple are relaxed, look immaculate, hair and make-up are faultless and offer refreshments or any general assistance


Heart-felt vows have been exchanged and matrimonial bliss is in the air. While you’re enjoying your beautiful moment, your wedding day coordinator will still be busy bringing your dream day to life, coordinating many elements, such as:

  • Ensuring guests are comfortable and if there’s any disturbances, they are minimised
  • Making sure guests leave the ceremony in an orderly fashion and at the right time
  • Coordinating special elements of the ceremony such as releasing doves or balloons.


The memories of your special day will last a lifetime, but to truly capture the beauty of the day, the emotion and meaning, it’s time for the official wedding photos. During the shoot, your wedding day coordinator will be:

  • Advising friends and family when and where they need to be positioned – greater coordination means the photographer’s time will be maximised
  • Locating anyone ‘missing’ from photos
  • Guiding guests where to gather while the photo shoot is taking place


With the ceremony and photos completed, it’s now time for everyone to celebrate at the reception. Behind the scenes, your wedding day coordinator is organising a multitude of things, including:

  • Checking the décor still looks perfect – repairing any defects
  • Ensuring seating cards, favours and the guest book are in place and guests are being seated correctly
  • Ensuring the catering is running on time, there are no hiccups and if so, attending to them promptly, without fuss
  • Confirming the music/entertainment and speeches are all running on time – if the speeches go overtime, liaising with the band and caterers to ensure continuity
  • Ensuring the room/setting is working for the videographer/photographer – adjusting lighting if necessary


Your big day is slowly winding down, still on hand, your wedding day coordinator is meticulously taking care of the final elements, including:

  • Ensuring trusted guests carefully collect your gifts and assist them transporting gifts from the venue
  • Collecting and handing leftover wedding cake to a trusted guest to keep on your behalf
  • Coordination of pack down of décor and styling
  • Disbursement of all supplier gratuities and final payments

As you can see, the number of different elements on your big day truly are overwhelming. It is simply not possible for everything to go smoothly without someone coordinating the day. In the past, many couples have relied on guests to play the role of a wedding day coordinator, but this means that they are then often left feeling stressed and miss out on many great moments. The value you receive engaging a wedding day coordinator is truly extraordinary because ultimately they play many roles throughout the day – all to ensure your dream wedding plays out as you envisioned. You and your loved ones deserve the perfect day so have a chat with a Love 2 Love wedding day coordinator from to discuss the perfect plan for you.

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