One of the most common misconceptions we hear about wedding planning is that you do not need a venue coordinator if you hire an event coordinator (and vice versa). Another misconception: the two perform the same function. As you create your vendor team, both of these coordinators can play a big part in your wedding day, but for very different reasons. Let’s shed some light on each, shall we?


Venue Coordinators

The number one thing to know is your venue coordinator, though very helpful to you, does not work for you directly. Instead, she works for your venue. She will guide your catering team to the venue’s kitchen (if your venue does not have an established kitchen staff), welcome your florist and rental company as they make their deliveries, and alert other staff members if any aspect of the venue is no longer in working order. Don’t be surprised if yourwedding venue venue coordinator makes her exit halfway through your reception, leaving the banquet captain in charge for the remainder of the evening (after the captain has received a full run down of your event). As long as your wedding is rolling and the venue is in good working order (a huge plus!), your coordinator has, essentially, completed her duties. However, if a venue coordinator is never involved, you lose the ability to have a single go-to individual who knows the space instead and out. Like we said, this coordinator is extremely helpful!


Event Coordinators

While your venue coordinator works for your venue, your event coordinator or planner works for you. Your event coordinator will know everything about your wedding day from the names of everyone in your wedding party to your complete day-of timeline. As such, your event coordinator travels with you from your ceremony to your reception — something your venue coordinator will not do if you’re getting married at a different location. Your event coordinator also acts as the liaison between you and your vendors (venue coordinator included) leading up to and on the day of your wedding in order to keep all parties on the same page. Essentially, your event coordinator’s goal is to make sure you are enjoying every moment of your wedding without worrying if the right people are in the right place or what portion of your night is next. Look to your coordinator to guide you and your sweetheart through your day, because they will be there until the moment you make your grand exit.

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