The signature wedding cocktail is one wedding tradition we absolutely love. It combines two things we’re big fans of alcohol and theme parties! (Also, serving just beer, liquor, and a signature cocktail is a fantastic way to save money on your wedding.) If you’re struggling to try to figure out what cocktail represents you as a couple, here are three tips for choosing your signature wedding cocktail for your big day.



Photo by: Lara Hotz Photography


1. Take inspiration from your location.

If you’re getting married in a state or region that is known for a specific type of alcohol, incorporate that into your drink somehow. It’s a fun little detail that guests like and it’s a way to share a bit of your culture with out-of-towners. If there is no local distillery or brewery, try something inspired by or incorporating another local food.

2. Think about your style and tastes as a couple, and how you could work that into your drink.

This could mean working your shared love of Scotch, your local sports team, or your dogs into your drink. If you’re world travelers, introduce guests to a drink you tried on your favorite trip. It doesn’t have to be super literal either. If you’re both major jokesters, a tried-and-true drink with a clever new name might be the perfect signature cocktail.

3. Serve two signature cocktails.

If you’re a tequila girl but your partner can’t stand it, choose two different cocktails that complement each other. I love when couples do this and put up a cute sign on the bar letting guests know which drink represents which half of the couple.


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