Do any of you remember going to weddings when disposable cameras were all the rage? And they were incorporated into the centerpieces? You know the ones where the bride and groom gave each table a disposable and asked them to go to town capturing all the fun moments they would miss while cutting the cake, greeting their guests, sneaking a sip of The-wedding-party-appchampy…you get the drift. While that was brilliant and all, the cameras usually ended up in some seven year old’s hands and all you got were pics of everyone’s knees. And a big bill after developing the pictures…And that my friends is precisely why we love technology, and in particular, The Wedding Party App because gathering and sharing your wedding day pics has never been easier!


The Wedding Party App is THE newest and best way to get your guests involved and put a unique spin on your big day. Here’s how it works: your guests download the app, take pictures all day and night long, even into the wee hours of the morning (you party animal!) and with one simple click, you can upload the entire album to Facebook. Gone are the days spent stalking your friends to see when they posted pictures of your wedding because you already have them all on your app. Totally brilliant, right?!





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