It’s normal to want to share your engagement with all of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends.

But before you hit “post,” make sure you consider how your followers will react to your announcement. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of your engagement, but it’s important to remember that not everyone is as excited as you are…


Here are six tips for tastefully announcing your engagement on social media without getting unfriended.

1. Don’t flood the feed.

We get it, you’re super pumped. That doesn’t mean that you should post multiple photos, status updates, photo albums and big day details to social media all in one day. Spread out your posts to make sure friends don’t get overwhelmed with your news.

2. Don’t get too specific about the ring.

We love ring selfies, but make sure not to get too detailed. There’s no need to specify how many carats the diamond is, how much it cost, or where your partner purchased it from.

3. Do stick to one photo or album.

Remember, quality over quantity! Instead of posting a bunch of pictures in the days following your engagement, stick to one really awesome photo or wait until you have enough images to create a single photo album.

4. Do thank people for their well wishes.

Make sure you’re being gracious when friends and family congratulate you on social media. Like their comments or comment back and thank them for their support and excitement. If someone took the time to write on your post, you can take the time to write back.

5. Don’t share every detail of your planning process.

It’s okay to share some photos throughout the wedding planning process, but don’t turn your Facebook or Instagram into your personal inspiration board for the big day. Keep the details to a minimum to avoid hurt feelings (from uninvited guests) and giving away too much information.

6. Don’t make other people’s engagement announcements about you.

If your friend gets engaged, make sure to show your excitement without bringing up your own engagement. Your recently engaged friend does not want to hear how his/her proposal or ring compares to yours.

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