Whether you’re planning the ultimate dance party or a perfectly refined reception, the right music is a total wedding must. To make sure your play list hits all the right notes, we’ve got eight things you need to consider before the DJ starts spinning.

Wedding Music

1. Consider the time of day. If you’re planning an afternoon reception, keep in mind that your guests might need a bit of a warm-up before they’re ready to bust a move. You may want to start with some dance floor-worthy oldies, then work your way towards the top hits. If you’re planning on an evening celebration, you can pretty much get the party started right away. Go big to really get your guests moving!

2. Think about your guest list. Are you having a small affair with close family and friends or do you have a couple hundred people coming out to celebrate? When planning your playlist, consider the size of the venue and the number of people in attendance, and select the music accordingly. Larger parties in big spaces will require louder, more upbeat music to get the party going, while a more intimate setting won’t take as much. In fact, blasting music may seem out of place.

3. Factor in your own favorites. Whether you love funk, rap, jazz, hip hop, or pop, your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner, so be sure to mix your favorite tunes into the mix. If you’ve got some songs in mind that aren’t fit for the dance floor, consider playing them as guests enter the ceremony or at your cocktail hour.

4. Don’t forget about mom and dad. Sure, T-Swift and T-Pain are your gernations go-tos, but don’t forget to make it a party for your parents and older guests as well. There are some serious gems from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, that will have everyone moving all night. Be sure to throw in a golden oldie here and there to make sure everyone’s included in the fun.

5. Slow it down. Choose a couple of slower songs to work into your mix. They’ll give your dance floor all-stars a chance to take a breather, and many guests will enjoy cozying up to their plus ones. If you’ve got a DJ, he or she will know just the right moments to break out the ballads.

6. Do a test run. If you’re working with a DJ, creating a playlist using a program like Spotify will make it easy to track and share your favorites. Plus, playing your top tunes is a great way to make sure they’re as danceable as they seem in your head! If you’re creating your own big day playlist, you’ll want to listen to it a number of times to make sure it’s well balanced and has a nice flow.

7. Go easy on the cheese. Unless it’s going to make you ridiculously happy, or you have unbreakable inside joke with a group of friends – try to steer clear of songs that will elicit eye-rolls from your guests. Repeat offenders include: “The Cotton-Eyed Joe”, “The Macarena”, and “Gangnam Style.” Unless you’re searching for an awesomely bad playlist or a little wedding irony, these are best kept far away from the big day.

8. End the night on a strong note. Whether its your crew’s favorite college anthem or that one rabble-rousing song you just know will get everyone moving, this is your last chance to leave a lasting impression. With the right song, your guests will leave smiling from ear-to-ear, and talking about your wedding for years to come.

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