Quite possibly the best opportunity to show off your personality as a couple is with a killer first dance. But with so many other decisions at hand—floral arrangements, what type of meal you’ll serve, heck, even picking out your escort cards—finding the right song and the right moves can make choosing “At Last” and winging it when the time comes seem more and more appealing. Whether or not you want to re-create the famous scene from Dirty Dancing, here are three simple ways to make your first dance unique, special, and, most important, fun.

first dance1. Do It With Feeling

It’s a romantic moment, but you don’t have to pick a classically romantic song. Choose something that has meaning to you, even if it’s the Charlie Brown theme.. My first dance was ‘End of Time,’ by Beyonce. It’s  one of our favorite recording artist, so it felt special.

2. Choreograph It

Doing the Dancing With the Stars thing can be a great bonding experience. Just keep it brief and fun, and don’t get in over your heads.  No one wants to see a couple moving their lips and counting steps.

3. Don’t Dance

If you’re not a fan of the spotlight, you can diffuse attention by inviting your friends or the kids to share the dance floor. Or upend the tradition entirely with a slideshow or trivia game.

Are you planning on having a unique first dance? Or if you already got married, did you do anything like this?

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