Wait! Before you say yes to that beautiful dress, there are some super important factors you need to consider…

Here are few questions you’ve gotta ask prior to purchasing your big day gown.


Photo by: I Love Wednesday


1. Will this dress be appropriate for the season?

Make sure to consider your wedding date when picking out the dress. You might fall absolutely in love with a dramatic brocade number, but if you’re getting married in the summer, will you wilt? (Probably.)

2. Is this dress practical?

Will you be able to move on your wedding day? Remember you’ll need to gracefully walk down the aisle in this gown! If you’re into dancing, you’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t limit your moves.

3. What additional accessories will I need to purchase to accent this dress?

For budget and planning purposes, it’s important to consider your accessories before you buy the dress. Does it need a lot? Or a little?

4. Are alterations included in the dress price? And if not, does the salon offer alterations or will you need a seamstress?

If the cost of alterations isn’t included in the gown price, you’ll need to make sure to factor the extra costs into your dress budget. You’ll also want to make sure you can find a reputable seamstress to make the alterations if your salon doesn’t offer the service at all.

5. How trustworthy is the bridal salon you intend to purchase from?

Before you make any purchases, read reviews of the salon online. You’ll want to make sure they don’t have a bad track record before putting any money down.

6. When will my dress arrive?

Make sure that your dress will arrive with plenty of time for alterations before your big day.

7. How many fittings will I need to get this dress perfect?

Are you planning to make any major changes to the dress? If so, make sure you determine how many fittings you’ll need to get it right so you can schedule accordingly.

8. Are their any upcoming promotions or sales that the salon is offering?

Ask your bridal salon if they have any upcoming trunk shows or clearance events, or if they know of any special promotions on the dress you’re looking at. If you have time to wait for a sale, you could save some serious cash.

9. What is the return policy on the dress?

Hopefully you won’t need to return the dress, but if something goes wrong or you change your mind, you’ll want to know what the return policy is!


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