Instagram provides us with inspiration on the daily (and it’s clearly the perfect platform for selfie sharing…), but did you know that it’s actually one of the best tools for planning your wedding, too? Here are seven hacks for using Instagram to find and save big day inspiration.


1. Follow the pros. Fill your feed with gorgeous images by following your favorite wedding blogs, dress designers, and vendors. Once you follow one account, Instagram will automatically suggest similar pages. Follow away for endless inspiration (and experts to add to your planning dream team!).

2. Searching common wedding hashtags. Looking through hashtags like #wedding, #weddinginspiration, #weddingplanner #weddingday, #wedding and #weddingphotography (which each have over a million photos tagged) will give you a totally new feed of inspiration. To find local vendors and ideas, try searching tags that are tailored to your area like #sydneyweddings, #sydneyweddingplanner or #sydneyweddingphotographer

3. Double-tap your favorite photos. If you see a photo you like, don’t forget to double tap it! This way, Instagram will get a sense of the types of photos you like. Plus, read #4 for a hack to find those photos later.

4. Look at all the photos you’ve ever liked. To see all the photos you’ve double tapped (did you know that was possible?), go to Profile; Settings; Posts You’ve Liked. Bam! There are all the photos you’ve ever liked.

5. Tag your friends in photos to share inspiration. If you see something you want to share publicly with a friend, or even all your maids, tag them in a comment (they’ll receive a notification). See a dress you think your ‘maids will love? Tag ’em! See a bouquet you’re dying for your florist to recreate? Tag ’em.

6. Save screenshots on your phone to an inspiration folder. To quickly save images, use your phone to take a screenshot of the Instagram image. We recommend creating a folder in your Camera Roll to save the photos in one easy-to-find place that you can refer to later. This hack even works sans an internet connection.

7. Use Instagram’s internal messaging system to share secret inspiration. To send a private image to a vendor or friend, click the arrow button that appears below an image on your newsfeed. You will then be prompted to select a recipient and include a message. This is a great feature if you want to share a photo, but don’t want everyone to see!

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