Choosing the right wedding florist can make all the difference at your event. Researching wedding vendors can feel totally overwhelming; there are so many options (and so many dollars!) involved, and in many cases, you’re shopping for something completely new to you. So here are 4 basic things you should know before booking your wedding florist.


Photographer: Michelle Fiona

1. Should I look for a florist that focuses specifically on weddings and events? 

A lot of retail florists just don’t have the ideas, vision, or time to create dynamic events (0r they just have no interest). Be wary of the retailer that does a lot of weddings; unless they have a business partner or an incredible staff, it’s hard to focus on both aspects of florals and do both well.

2. How many years of experience should a good wedding florist/floral event designer have?

Experience speaks for a the same time, someone who has been cranking out the same designs for 20 years may not be a fit for the unique style of wedding you want. The visionary up-and-comer may be more your design style, but they may not have the notches on their belt to be able to execute their designs in a professional and timely manner. Finding a balance is key.

3. Is a tablescape mockup included or do I have to pay extra?

Depending on your budget, most designers will include a mockup, but some will charge an additional fee. If you require a visual of the end product, make sure your designer includes this as part of their package. Some brides prefer to leave the design details to their vendor and won’t require a prototype.

4. Can I rent the vessels and candles from my florist or do I have to buy them?

Some floral designers have the inventory to provide these items for a rental fee, which will likely be cheaper than renting or buying them elsewhere.

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