When you’re planning your wedding, you have enough to worry about, and what your bridesmaids are wearing doesn’t need to be one of them. Rather than stressing about finding a look that you love and that makes all your girls happy (or trying to manage their feelings when they aren’t happy with your choices…), you can just delegate some of the decision-making to them.


Here are three things you may want to consider letting your bridesmaids choose themselves to make life a little easier for everyone.

1. Their dresses.

Letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses means you won’t have to find a dress that suits everyone’s budget, body, and style. It also increases the chances that they’ll find something they will be able to (and want to) wear again. But if you go this route, keep in mind that being vague about your expectations can actually be more stressful for them, so be sure to set some guidelines. For example, you could choose the color and the fabric, the brand and the color, or the style and the color family. This will make shopping easier for your bridesmaids and help create a cohesive look for your wedding.

2. Their hairstyles.

Everyone’s hair is different and an updo that looks amazing on one friend can leave another friend looking less than her best in pictures. If you let them choose their own styles, you won’t have to worry that your friend with the curly hair or the short hair is stressed about making a style work. Even though all eyes will be on you, your friends still want to feel their best on your big day, and letting them choose their hairstyles can go a long way in making sure they do.

3. Their shoes.

You may look at a pair of shoes and think “Oh, perfect!” while your bridesmaids are thinking “Oy, blisters!” To ensure that your friends walk — not stumble — down the aisle, let them choose their own shoes. Like choosing a dress, this allows them to find something that fits in their budget and that they actually like. (And with shoes, it’s likely they already have something that will work, which is always a bonus.) You can give them guidelines (like neutral heels, any colorful shoes, black peep-toes) and then let them take it from there.

The mismatched bridal party look is only becoming more and more popular, so why not take advantage of the trend and save yourself some stress? Just keep in mind that whether you let your bridesmaids choose one detail or everything about their look, it’s totally reasonable to ask them to show you what they are planning to wear before the big day!

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