Rules? What wedding rules? We’re all about making your wedding as perfectly you as possible, no matter what. So, here are eleven traditional big day elements you can totally bail on.


Photo by: Sarkodie Photography


1. Wearing a wedding dress.

Not down with a gown? If you’re just not feeling a frock, try a wedding pantsuit, jumpsuit, romper, or separates.

2. Wearing a white gown.

Blush, mint, and blue are are increasingly popular options. But if you want something a little more avant-garde, or you’re totally not support of the traditional implications of a white gown, it’s a-okay to rock your favorite color!

3. Choosing even wedding parties.

It’s highly unlikely that you and your partner have the exact same number of friends you want to include in your big day, so no need to force it. You may just need to get a bit more creative with the processional and photographs!

4. Having gendered bridal parties.

Who says you can’t have a “man of honor” or a “groomswoman”? Fill your wedding party with the friends and family that matter most, regardless of gender

5. Making your ‘maids wear matching dresses.

Why not embrace your besties’ unique styles? Consider setting some guidelines, like length, color, cut, or fabric, and let your bridal party pick what they’re wearing (with your final approval, of course).

6. Carrying a bouquet.

Love flowers but don’t want to keep up with a massive bouquet all day? Consider an alternative, like wearing a flower crown, a corsage, or a floral necklace.

7. Reciting traditional vows.

Your “I dos” don’t have to be cut and dry. We love the idea of personalizing your wedding vows to reflect your individual love story, whether that’s through writing your own vows or even singing a song.

8. Having a first dance.

Not into the limelight? It’s absolutely okay to forgo the first dance. We recommend choosing an alternative activity, like a champagne toast, bridal party dance routine, or photo slideshow instead!

9. Doing a bouquet or garter toss.

Another tradition that you can totally skip if you aren’t a fan of being front and center. Instead of a bouquet toss, consider inviting friends to the floor for a fun single gals dance, or just keep the party going and ditch the notion altogether.

10. Having the night end after the reception.

Who says the party has to end with the last song? Consider hosting an after-party post-reception, or just pick a bar nearby that all your friends can meet you at afterward!

11. Jetting off to your honeymoon the morning after the wedding.

These days, you can take a honeymoon whenever you want or you can skip it altogether. If traveling sounds totally overwhelming, opt for a staycation or minimoon, or hold off on the big trip until you’ve got the time and energy!

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