After “So when’s the big day?” one of the first questions you’re bound to be asked is “What are your wedding colours?” And that totally makes sense given how much your colours can impact the overall vibe of your big day. But a major colour palette mistake could make your guests cringe and your photos look, well, not so great. So before you pick your palette, make sure to consider these super important factors. 1. Choose your venue first. Imagine… Read more »

Of course you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, who wouldn’t? You’ve scanned the latest salons for top-of-the-line facials, waxes, peels – and you think “when is a better time than now?” But before you jump the gun on that laser treatment, we have some tips for your beauty treatments. 1. Tanning. We get it, you want to have a healthy glow. But too many brides hit the self tanner (or, worse—damaging and dangerous tanning beds)… Read more »


It’s not all fondant and games, today’s wedding traditions owe to evil spirits, dental hygiene, and Queen Victoria. 1. The Egyptians were probably the first to exchange wedding rings. By Medieval times, it was believed that a vein ran from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart, so this became the trendy place to show off your rock. 2. But engagement rings didn’t take off until the Middle Ages. In 1215, Pope Innocent III declared that there… Read more »

grooms wedding speech

Are you a groom terrified of writing your wedding speech? Fret not, we’ve got you covered with this lovely, touching and basic free grooms wedding speech template. Feel free to use in its entirety, or just tweak it to suit your own situation. The words in <brackets> offer you the opportunity to personalise the speech or encourage you to share personal anecdotes. I want to thank each of you for sharing this special day with my wife. Gee, I like… Read more »

You’re getting married! While the love you share is the best way to express how much you care about each other, it never hurts to say “thank you” every once in a while. On the day of your wedding, show your fiancé how much you appreciate him/her with a small gesture of gratitude, whether it’s a handwritten note or a secret surprise at the reception. Here are 6 ways to give thanks to your better half for sticking by your… Read more »

Wedding Day Timeline

From the moment you wake till the last sip of champagne has been drunk, your wedding day will be jam-packed with excitement, primping, and nerves. Keep calm on the big day by drafting a foolproof wedding day timeline and then share it with your bridal party, wedding coordinator, and photographer. Want a little help getting started? Take a look at three sample day-of timelines below and adjust to suit your schedule! Late Afternoon Wedding + Seated-Dinner Reception 7 a.m. Wake up;… Read more »