Walking down the aisle

If you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, you’re going to be the star of the show on your wedding day. For some, being the center of attention sounds like a dream. But for others, walking down the aisle can feel completely dreadful. If the thought of walking down the aisle stresses you out more than actually planning the wedding, keep these tips in mind to calm your nerves. 1. Keep your eye on your partner If there’s one person who… Read more »


You’ve planned every detail – from the menu on down to the sequined tablecloths. But for even the most organized, type-A brides, there will be surprises on your wedding day. Don’t panic! Read on to discover eight things no one tells you about your wedding.   1. Someone close to you will completely let you down…and someone you never expected will totally step up. You know how your maid of honour started dating a new guy a month before your… Read more »

grooms wedding speech

Are you a groom terrified of writing your wedding speech? Fret not, we’ve got you covered with this lovely, touching and basic free grooms wedding speech template. Feel free to use in its entirety, or just tweak it to suit your own situation. The words in <brackets> offer you the opportunity to personalise the speech or encourage you to share personal anecdotes. I want to thank each of you for sharing this special day with my wife. Gee, I like… Read more »

Wedding Veil

Firstly this piece is not about telling every bride that they should be wearing a veil.  We know that veils aren’t everyone’s thing and we dig that!  For those who are into veils we have put this together to help you work your way through the tulle and the netting to find out what the hell those wedding professionals are talking about and assist you to decide on the best veil style to suit you and your special day. Veil… Read more »

10 Things Not To Do

Some brides spend so much time stressing out about all the things they need to do before their big day that they often forget (or are blissfully unaware of) all the things they should not. From the obvious to the not so obvious at all, here are 10 things you’ll want to avoid doing at all costs the night before your wedding. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth it. At the end of the day, you’ve got to… Read more »

Mother of the Bride

Times have changed — your moms didn’t get to plan their own weddings, their moms made all the big decisions. Nowadays, brides and grooms are picking up the bulk of the tab and they want to make the choices for themselves. Having a wedding in your hometown makes it really hard to fight your mother on venue, flowers, and even hotel selection for your guests. You have to learn to say “no” to your parents. Be nice about it and… Read more »

Obviously lush flowers and a gorgeous venue are some of the elements of a beautiful wedding, but picture-perfect decor doesn’t ensure an epic party. Score a 10 out of 10 for overall experience by following these simple yet effective tips that will have your wedding guests talking about your wedding for years to come. 1. Ask for Song Requests To ensure everyone is having a great time and dancing the night away, have your guests request a song via the… Read more »

Consider yourself officially enrolled in wedding hashtags 101. Now that 55% of all weddings have a hashtag according to #socialweddingsurvey, (we promise this is the only statistic you’ll need to know for this course) there’s more to it than just typing out the pound sign. Read on for the top tips on how to create a successful hashtag. Step 1.  Start with your names. Maybe a bit obvious but let’s start with the basics. Use your first, last and nicknames… Read more »