Thinking about hiring a wedding planner to help with your big day? Other than the wedding day setup and coordination (which a day of coordinator can cover!), many of the wedding planning duties involve organizing big day logistics prior to the day. Photographer: Lara Hotz From finding your style to helping you secure the best vendors, here are five things that your wedding planner will totally take care of: 1. Helping you hone in on your style. Not so sure what type of… Read more »


It’s normal to want to share your engagement with all of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends. But before you hit “post,” make sure you consider how your followers will react to your announcement. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of your engagement, but it’s important to remember that not everyone is as excited as you are… Here are six tips for tastefully announcing your engagement on social media without getting unfriended. 1. Don’t flood the feed…. Read more »


Sure, hiring a videographer is an expense you have to factor into your big day budget (just like any other wedding vendor), but many couples feel that footage of their wedding day is priceless. If you can’t wait to curl up on the couch and watch your ceremony on repeat or to email blast the reception to your family and friends (hey, you worked HARD on that first dance), then hiring a videographer is an absolute must. Here are 10… Read more »

As you start working with your wedding vendors—namely your planner or day-of coordinator and your stylist—you’re going to have to communicate your wedding vision to your big day dream team. Because having your wedding vendors on the same page as you, décor and vibe-wise, is so important to making your planning experience a smooth one, the way you present and outline how you want your day designed is critical. Here’s how you can better help your vendors help you make… Read more »

Walking down the aisle

If you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, you’re going to be the star of the show on your wedding day. For some, being the center of attention sounds like a dream. But for others, walking down the aisle can feel completely dreadful. If the thought of walking down the aisle stresses you out more than actually planning the wedding, keep these tips in mind to calm your nerves. 1. Keep your eye on your partner If there’s one person who… Read more »


Bad hair days and smudged makeup happen—but they shouldn’t happen on your wedding day. That’s why hair and makeup trials are so important. These practice runs make sure you’ll look exactly as you imagine when the big day comes around. To make sure those trials are worth your while, here are our tips so you can prepare for the best possible pampering experience! Planning Ahead: Buy your dress first. If you haven’t already picked out a wedding gown, stop right… Read more »


You’ve planned every detail – from the menu on down to the sequined tablecloths. But for even the most organized, type-A brides, there will be surprises on your wedding day. Don’t panic! Read on to discover eight things no one tells you about your wedding.   1. Someone close to you will completely let you down…and someone you never expected will totally step up. You know how your maid of honour started dating a new guy a month before your… Read more »

Instagram provides us with inspiration on the daily (and it’s clearly the perfect platform for selfie sharing…), but did you know that it’s actually one of the best tools for planning your wedding, too? Here are seven hacks for using Instagram to find and save big day inspiration. 1. Follow the pros. Fill your feed with gorgeous images by following your favorite wedding blogs, dress designers, and vendors. Once you follow one account, Instagram will automatically suggest similar pages. Follow… Read more »

We all know how we’re supposed to feel on our wedding days: Excited, ecstatic, and incredibly in love. Ah, the blissfulness of getting married…   However, in reality, you’re probably going to feel more or less out of your mind. Yes, you’ll be excited and in love and happy and all that good stuff. But the thing no one ever prepares you for is how downright weird you might feel when the big day finally comes after so much planning,… Read more »

Whether you’re planning the ultimate dance party or a perfectly refined reception, the right music is a total wedding must. To make sure your play list hits all the right notes, we’ve got eight things you need to consider before the DJ starts spinning. 1. Consider the time of day. If you’re planning an afternoon reception, keep in mind that your guests might need a bit of a warm-up before they’re ready to bust a move. You may want to… Read more »