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As social media grows in popularity as a way to document weddings, we’re seeing more and more couples opt for wedding hashtags. But, while guests are snapping and posting away, what does that mean for those who are actually getting married? If you’re a nearlywed, how can you handle social media on your big day?     Brides, since you probably have more to worry about than which filter you’ll use on Instagram, here are five tips for tackling social media on the… Read more »

Instagram provides us with inspiration on the daily (and it’s clearly the perfect platform for selfie sharing…), but did you know that it’s actually one of the best tools for planning your wedding, too? Here are seven hacks for using Instagram to find and save big day inspiration. 1. Follow the pros. Fill your feed with gorgeous images by following your favorite wedding blogs, dress designers, and vendors. Once you follow one account, Instagram will automatically suggest similar pages. Follow… Read more »

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In the age of the internet, social media pretty much creeps into every aspect of your life – including your wedding. If you’re hoping to avoid becoming an over-excited, over-sharer, it’s important to consider internet etiquette – or “netiquette,” if you will – when posting about your big day. So, here are nine little tips and tricks for managing your newsfeed (and in turn, everyone else’s). DO inform your VIPs of your engagement before posting on social. Before you officially change… Read more »