Love 2 Love Wedding Planner

We hear plenty of tips on how to look awesome on your wedding day, but we don’t always talk about how to feel awesome, physically, when you’re wearing a many-layered wedding dress, more makeup than usual, and a whole lot of hairspray…   To make sure you’re as comfortable as you are beautiful, heed these tips for your wedding day that will allow you to enjoy the moment without having to readjust your dress or excuse yourself because you’re seriously… Read more »

Hooray! You’re engaged, which means it’s time to start searching for THE dress. And while wedding dress shopping can be quite fun and enjoyable, it can often become a stressful and somewhat confusing experience. Before you even step foot inside a bridal boutique, it’s best to have a plan of action in place first. Here are 8 key things to consider in order to make the process of saying “yes” to the dress so much easier. Photo by: I Love… Read more »