mixed gender bridal party

When it comes to your bridesmaids, the old rules no longer apply! They can wear mismatched gowns, you can have more bridesmaids than groomsmen, and — surprise! — your “maids” can include a few men too! More and more couples are opting for mixed-gender bridal parties, but some are still unsure how to make it work for them. Read on for our tips and suggestions.   What should they wear? When it comes to attire, we recommend you style each… Read more »

7 Alternatives to Having a Traditional Bridal Party

Perhaps you have a massive family or big group of friends and don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by not including them in your wedding party. Or maybe you think the idea of bridesmaids and groomsmen is totally not for you. Whatever your reasoning, it’s perfectly fine to skip the bridal party! Still want to honor the important people in your life without having them stand up beside you in matching outfits? Here are 7 Alternatives to Having a Traditional… Read more »