Wait! Before you say yes to that beautiful dress, there are some super important factors you need to consider… Here are few questions you’ve gotta ask prior to purchasing your big day gown.   1. Will this dress be appropriate for the season? Make sure to consider your wedding date when picking out the dress. You might fall absolutely in love with a dramatic brocade number, but if you’re getting married in the summer, will you wilt? (Probably.) 2. Is… Read more »

When you’re planning your wedding, you have enough to worry about, and what your bridesmaids are wearing doesn’t need to be one of them. Rather than stressing about finding a look that you love and that makes all your girls happy (or trying to manage their feelings when they aren’t happy with your choices…), you can just delegate some of the decision-making to them. Here are three things you may want to consider letting your bridesmaids choose themselves to make… Read more »

Love 2 Love Wedding Planner

We hear plenty of tips on how to look awesome on your wedding day, but we don’t always talk about how to feel awesome, physically, when you’re wearing a many-layered wedding dress, more makeup than usual, and a whole lot of hairspray…   To make sure you’re as comfortable as you are beautiful, heed these tips for your wedding day that will allow you to enjoy the moment without having to readjust your dress or excuse yourself because you’re seriously… Read more »

Hooray! You’re engaged, which means it’s time to start searching for THE dress. And while wedding dress shopping can be quite fun and enjoyable, it can often become a stressful and somewhat confusing experience. Before you even step foot inside a bridal boutique, it’s best to have a plan of action in place first. Here are 8 key things to consider in order to make the process of saying “yes” to the dress so much easier. Photo by: I Love… Read more »

Wedding Veil

Firstly this piece is not about telling every bride that they should be wearing a veil.  We know that veils aren’t everyone’s thing and we dig that!  For those who are into veils we have put this together to help you work your way through the tulle and the netting to find out what the hell those wedding professionals are talking about and assist you to decide on the best veil style to suit you and your special day. Veil… Read more »


Looking for the “one” can take time, so give yourself plenty of it, work backwards from your wedding date and plan your appointments. The search may seem endless at certain points, and if you let it, it may drive you crazy! Here are my tips on finding your dream dress while having fun. Be honest with yourself. Spend time considering your personality and imagine how your wedding day will be. Ask yourself, “Is this me? Will I feel comfortable in… Read more »