You’re getting married! While the love you share is the best way to express how much you care about each other, it never hurts to say “thank you” every once in a while. On the day of your wedding, show your fiancé how much you appreciate him/her with a small gesture of gratitude, whether it’s a handwritten note or a secret surprise at the reception. Here are 6 ways to give thanks to your better half for sticking by your… Read more »

Thank your mum and dad

If you’re at all like me, then your parents have played a major part in your life and you owe them the world. They’ve been with you every step of the way from attending every high school sporting event to seeing you off to University. Needless to say, it only feels right to thank them for helping me get to this major milestone: my wedding day. I want to take the opportunity to remind them that they no matter what,… Read more »