wedding ring set

The woman’s wedding ring set, composed of the engagement ring and the wedding band, is a very important element signifying her commitment and devotion to her husband, as expressed in their nuptial vows. It is a constant reminder of this commitment, long after the wedding is over.     Proper Way The way a woman wears her wedding ring set actually varies, depending on the culture and tradition of the bride and groom’s native country. The most common and universally… Read more »

Man-gagement Ring

Man-gagement rings are nothing new, but lately everyone seems to be talking about them (especially after Johnny Depp was spotted wearing one!). We love that couples are breaking from tradition and men are wearing something special to tell the world, “I’m engaged!” The actual logistics of how and when he’ll start wearing his ring is a bit trickier though since men wearing engagement rings is a newer trend. Here’s the thing: There’s no right or wrong way to do it and it’s really… Read more »