Wedding planning can be a stressful time, especially if you let it get to you. Read on for five ways to stay sane during your wedding planning process. 1. Have date nights with your partner where you agree not to talk about the wedding at all. You have to have some time together when you can talk about all the other important things in your life! 2. Schedule some time with friends. Whether it is a pedicure, a night out,… Read more »


If you’re not careful, wedding planning can consume your life. Okay, okay, we know that might sound like a pretty bold statement, but it’s actually kind of true: Once you start having dreams about which plates you should rent, or contemplating whether you should email the caterer a third time this week with yet another question, it’s time to take a break. You may feel like there’s too much on your plate to step back from wedding planning but, trust… Read more »


Many couples live together long before their wedding day, meaning they’ve already figured out who’s going to wash dishes and clean the bathroom, and which mid-fight button-pushing can send a small disagreement into nuclear territory. There are, however, some 7 conversations to have before you get married — even if you’ve already figured out the living together part. Read on to discover five talks to have with your partner before the big day. 1. Debt & finances Long before your… Read more »