If just the thought of a camera constantly pointed your way makes you sweat, your engagement shoot and wedding day might be a huge source of stress right now. To get the photos you want without feeling super anxious, you’ll need to stay calm, cool, and collected when the flash fires. Easier said than done, right?   Here are a eight tips to keep you majorly relaxed while your photographer snaps away. 1. Get to know your photographer. While an… Read more »

Photo Booth

It seems like every time a fun new trend hits weddings, someone is already declaring it “over.” The wedding photo booth is one of those trends; it’s gone from a fun novelty to a common occurrence at every wedding. Now many couples are worried it’s played out. But before you put away the funny props and fake mustaches, here are five reasons it’s still worth it to have a wedding photo booth.   1. It’s a good source of entertainment…. Read more »

Yes, photos are one of the few things from your wedding that you’ll actually have forever. So, on top of finding a wedding photographer you absolutely love, it’s definitely worth doing your part to make his or her job as easy as possible! While any pro will come with heaps of knowledge and experience, here are six things you can do to help things go smoothly. Photograpy by: Frank Farrugia 1. Plan your timeline with lighting in mind. Any photographer… Read more »

You’ve been obsessively checking your wedding day weather forecast, and now that your big day is on the radar, so is the rain… If you’ve planned an outdoor ceremony or reception, this can seem like a major setback. But before you let those clouds rain on your parade (literally), we’ve got seven tips to make you feel like the skies are sunny again.   Photo by: Natalie Franke 1. Take a deep breath. No matter how stormy those skies are,… Read more »

7 Ways to NOT Mess up Your Wedding Photos When it comes to wedding photos, we’ve seen it all; the good, the bad, and the downright awkward. And with so much riding on these shots (they’re supposed to last you a lifetime after all…no pressure!), it’s important that you like them. Here are 7 tips that will help you nail your wedding pics, from the first look to the last dance. 1. Take engagement photos. Nervous about being in front… Read more »

Photography is an important part of your wedding, as it serves as a lasting memory of your special day. Most couples hire a photographer—or team of photographers—to capture every moment of their wedding day, from the bride getting ready to the happy couple departing the reception and everything in between. When planning their wedding-day photography, the couple should consider when they want to take their pictures, who they want in their pictures and what to do with guests during photography… Read more »

When it comes to wedding photos, most pros have a set shot list that helps ensure they capture key pictures — like “bride with her parents,” “groom with his parents,” “bride and groom with both sets of parents”…you get the idea. But there are a few more moments that you’re for sure going to want to cherish forever. Check out our list of photos you should definitely get at your wedding below, and use it as inspiration to help you… Read more »

Clarke Island Wedding Reception

Lianne + Jason have been together for some time and have always been very content in their commitment. So when they finally decided to tie the knot, the most important thing to them was to bring together their families, who are scattered all over the world. They kept things simple, letting the beautiful Sydney harbor and their lovingly selected food + wine speak for itself. This allowed them to truly enjoy the company of their loved ones and each other…. Read more »

Your wedding photos are one of the most important parts of your day – and the part that you’ll treasure forever as the documentation of all the details and emotions in your celebration. While wedding photographer’s rates and availability are very important (for obvious reasons! Like that budget you’re working so hard to meet, there are other questions you should certainly consider before signing any contracts. Here are five of the most important. 1. Ask your wedding photographer: if he or she… Read more »

Do any of you remember going to weddings when disposable cameras were all the rage? And they were incorporated into the centerpieces? You know the ones where the bride and groom gave each table a disposable and asked them to go to town capturing all the fun moments they would miss while cutting the cake, greeting their guests, sneaking a sip of champy…you get the drift. While that was brilliant and all, the cameras usually ended up in some seven… Read more »