What do you get when you combine an overwhelmed bride, a bunch of her besties (hello, big personalities…), and the stress of wedding planning? The potential for conflict….To avoid a bummer backlash, be wary of the eight most common bridesmaids fights. Here are 8 common Bridesmaids flights and How to Avoid Them 1. Dress Dilemmas. Of course, everyone wants to look their best on the big day, but that likely means something different to all involved. If your crew isn’t… Read more »

It happens sometimes… a falling out with a friend or family member. But when things have gotten too hot to handle with someone you’ve invited to the wedding as a guest, is it ever okay to go back on an invitation? If you’ve sent the Save the Date, received the RVSP, and now you’re not sure you want the person at your big day, what’s a someone to do? We’ve got a few tips for navigating these tough questions when… Read more »


It’s normal to want to share your engagement with all of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends. But before you hit “post,” make sure you consider how your followers will react to your announcement. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of your engagement, but it’s important to remember that not everyone is as excited as you are… Here are six tips for tastefully announcing your engagement on social media without getting unfriended. 1. Don’t flood the feed…. Read more »

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For any groom, picking a best man is a pretty big deal. After all, he’s the one who’ll be guarding the rings, making a heartfelt toast, planning the bachelor party, among other important tasks. But have you ever stopped to think where this tradition came from in the first place? Why is he called a “best man” anyway? Well, centuries ago, men had to resort to stealing the bride-to-be from her family if they disapproved of him. And that’s where… Read more »

Walking down the aisle

If you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, you’re going to be the star of the show on your wedding day. For some, being the center of attention sounds like a dream. But for others, walking down the aisle can feel completely dreadful. If the thought of walking down the aisle stresses you out more than actually planning the wedding, keep these tips in mind to calm your nerves. 1. Keep your eye on your partner If there’s one person who… Read more »

It’s easy to get caught up in hand calligraphy, two-ply letterpress, and printed envelope liners, but don’t forget about all of the important details that need to be included in your wedding invitations… Here are eight super common wedding invitation mistakes you don’t want to make: 1. Forgetting to include an RSVP deadline. You’d be surprised how many couples forget to put a due date on their RSVPs! Without a deadline, many of your invitees will put off sending you… Read more »

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The first kiss as husband and wife. It’s a pivotal moment in any wedding ceremony. But let’s not forget this intimate, momentous moment occurs in front of all your friends and family. Perhaps in a place of worship, in front of religious officiants and your dear, sweet nan. My thoughts on the subject: Let’s keep it PG people. Having spoken with a few photographers about ‘the first kiss’ it seems they have seen it ALL. From quick pecks a la… Read more »

Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan on your big day… But, in the off-chance that something does go awry, you’ll need to be ready to handle the problem quickly and diplomatically!   Here are our tips for handling six of the touchiest wedding situations. 1. If an uninvited guest shows up on the big day… Keep your cool! If an uninvited plus one appears, assess the situation with a level head. Would it be a bigger deal to… Read more »

wedding ring set

The woman’s wedding ring set, composed of the engagement ring and the wedding band, is a very important element signifying her commitment and devotion to her husband, as expressed in their nuptial vows. It is a constant reminder of this commitment, long after the wedding is over.     Proper Way The way a woman wears her wedding ring set actually varies, depending on the culture and tradition of the bride and groom’s native country. The most common and universally… Read more »

Photography is an important part of your wedding, as it serves as a lasting memory of your special day. Most couples hire a photographer—or team of photographers—to capture every moment of their wedding day, from the bride getting ready to the happy couple departing the reception and everything in between. When planning their wedding-day photography, the couple should consider when they want to take their pictures, who they want in their pictures and what to do with guests during photography… Read more »