Wedding Budget

These days, more and more couples are financing their own weddings; with the average age of marriage on the rise, today’s couples often have more cash at their disposal than those who married 20 years ago. However, there are still plenty of couples who need parental support to pay for their big day. But asking for that kind of financial backing can be a sensitive subject, so here’s some advice on how to make the big money talk as painless… Read more »


Creating a wedding budget is one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning. Talking money can leave you feeling frustrated and burned-out just a few weeks into your engagement. To help you navigate this part of the process, we’ve put together some tips for creating your wedding budget without ever threatening to just call the whole thing off and elope. Here are some ideas to help get you started.     Figure out what sort of wedding you want… Read more »


You’ve planned every detail – from the menu on down to the sequined tablecloths. But for even the most organized, type-A brides, there will be surprises on your wedding day. Don’t panic! Read on to discover eight things no one tells you about your wedding.   1. Someone close to you will completely let you down…and someone you never expected will totally step up. You know how your maid of honour started dating a new guy a month before your… Read more »

How to accurately estimate your bar consumption

As you begin planning your wedding, you will quickly realize how bombarded you are with options for just about EVERYTHING. Couples often report that of those options, the most confusing (and potentially pricey) is the question of what to do about the bar. Beverages are a large part of any party, whether you have an open bar with alcohol or a non-alcoholic event. Some venues will allow you to book a bar package (a flat rate for an open bar… Read more »

paying for your wedding

If you’re paying for any portion of your wedding (and these days, it’s quite likely you are!), you’ll need to decide how, exactly, you’ll pay. Even those couples who have been dreaming about their weddings for a long time may not have been saving for them for nearly as long. As you consider the wedding you want, it can be very tempting to pay for part of it — or most of it — with a credit card. But should you?… Read more »