What do you get when you combine an overwhelmed bride, a bunch of her besties (hello, big personalities…), and the stress of wedding planning? The potential for conflict….To avoid a bummer backlash, be wary of the eight most common bridesmaids fights. Here are 8 common Bridesmaids flights and How to Avoid Them 1. Dress Dilemmas. Of course, everyone wants to look their best on the big day, but that likely means something different to all involved. If your crew isn’t… Read more »


Agreeing to be a bridesmaid or maid of honour is no small task: depending on the size of the wedding and the bride’s expectations, you may have a lot of pre-wedding and day-of responsibilities or maybe you’ll just have a handful of parties to attend (lucky you). It’s important to be informed before you dive into the role of bridesmaid, so read on to discover everything that might be asked of you if you agree to take on the challenge…. Read more »


Bridesmaid style isn’t what it used to be and that’s a REAL good thing in our book. Gone are the days of lovely ladies wearing the same exact dress (often featuring ruffles and shiny fabric, of course). Now brides are making sure their girls look and feel great on the big day by having their ‘maids rock different bridesmaid dresses in styles that fit their bodies AND their personalities. And while we’re really loving this mismatched trend, if it’s not… Read more »

Love 2 Love

The time has come and the morning of your wedding day is finally here! How is there somehow STILL so much to be done? To avoid getting lost in the shuffle of the wedding day morning, we’ve streamlined a few tips to help you relax and ENJOY the moments before the day starts.   1. Order breakfast.  Do you and your bridesmaids have a favourite cafe? Consider ordering breakfast so that it’s there in time for when everyone arrives. Or,… Read more »

When you’re planning your wedding, you have enough to worry about, and what your bridesmaids are wearing doesn’t need to be one of them. Rather than stressing about finding a look that you love and that makes all your girls happy (or trying to manage their feelings when they aren’t happy with your choices…), you can just delegate some of the decision-making to them. Here are three things you may want to consider letting your bridesmaids choose themselves to make… Read more »


Ever heard a horror story where a bride-to-be asks one of her “besties” to be bridesmaids, only to have a huge falling out before the wedding? You can’t exactly “un-ask” someone to be a ‘maid — which is why it’s so important to really consider who you want by your side on your wedding day before you ask them. If you’re still unsure about one of your pals, ask yourself these questions. Photography by: Love 2 Love – Wedding Planner… Read more »

7 Alternatives to Having a Traditional Bridal Party

Perhaps you have a massive family or big group of friends and don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by not including them in your wedding party. Or maybe you think the idea of bridesmaids and groomsmen is totally not for you. Whatever your reasoning, it’s perfectly fine to skip the bridal party! Still want to honor the important people in your life without having them stand up beside you in matching outfits? Here are 7 Alternatives to Having a Traditional… Read more »


You obviously love your friends…that’s why you asked them to be your bridesmaids! But from the time you pop the question to the time you walk down the aisle, things might not always go according to plan. Keeping everyone in your bridal party happy while managing your own wedding wishes isn’t always easy, especially when you’re surrounded by strong, opinionated women. So while there will be moments of dress distress, gripes about expenses, and awkward conversations galore, you CAN navigate… Read more »


Your bride picked you for a reason. Now it’s up to you to get her down the aisle in one happy, relaxed, glowy package. Read on for eight no-fail tactics for mastering this whole maid of honor thing. Offer to do it. Offer to do it. Offer. To. Do. It. Whatever “it” is—from figuring out what flowers are in season on her ceremony date to finding an Etsy woodworker who’ll make a custom topper for the groom’s cake. The moment… Read more »

Being asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding is exciting. But when the questions of travel, lodging, the bachelorette party and the wedding day itself arise, the bridesmaid may wonder, “Am I supposed to pay for that?” Money conversations are always awkward, but before you say yes to the honor of being a bridesmaid, it’s important to understand what expenses each party is expected to pay.  What are the Bridesmaids costs? Photo by Dav­el­lo Pho­tog­ra­phy Traditionally, bridesmaids are… Read more »