Agreeing to be a bridesmaid or maid of honour is no small task: depending on the size of the wedding and the bride’s expectations, you may have a lot of pre-wedding and day-of responsibilities or maybe you’ll just have a handful of parties to attend (lucky you). It’s important to be informed before you dive into the role of bridesmaid, so read on to discover everything that might be asked of you if you agree to take on the challenge…. Read more »


You obviously love your friends…that’s why you asked them to be your bridesmaids! But from the time you pop the question to the time you walk down the aisle, things might not always go according to plan. Keeping everyone in your bridal party happy while managing your own wedding wishes isn’t always easy, especially when you’re surrounded by strong, opinionated women. So while there will be moments of dress distress, gripes about expenses, and awkward conversations galore, you CAN navigate… Read more »

The wedding shower has gotten a bad rap in recent years, with many young women thinking of it as an outdated obligation instead of the fun pre-wedding party it is. Many brides are opting out of the tradition altogether, but we think it just needs to be reimagined! Read on for our favorite new ways to do wedding showers. 1. Give it a fun theme. A great theme can take an average party to the next level, and incorporating a… Read more »