I have seen how hectic and overwhelming the getting ready process can be for brides. Establishing a beauty timeline is essential for creating a stress-free wedding day. Below are my top ten tips to keep things on track for your hair and makeup before you say “I do.”   Photography by: I Love Wednesday   1. To ensure that everything runs smoothly on your event date, be sure to schedule a consultation and trial session with your makeup artist and… Read more »

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The time has come and the morning of your wedding day is finally here! How is there somehow STILL so much to be done? To avoid getting lost in the shuffle of the wedding day morning, we’ve streamlined a few tips to help you relax and ENJOY the moments before the day starts.   1. Order breakfast.  Do you and your bridesmaids have a favourite cafe? Consider ordering breakfast so that it’s there in time for when everyone arrives. Or,… Read more »

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We hear plenty of tips on how to look awesome on your wedding day, but we don’t always talk about how to feel awesome, physically, when you’re wearing a many-layered wedding dress, more makeup than usual, and a whole lot of hairspray…   To make sure you’re as comfortable as you are beautiful, heed these tips for your wedding day that will allow you to enjoy the moment without having to readjust your dress or excuse yourself because you’re seriously… Read more »


Bad hair days and smudged makeup happen—but they shouldn’t happen on your wedding day. That’s why hair and makeup trials are so important. These practice runs make sure you’ll look exactly as you imagine when the big day comes around. To make sure those trials are worth your while, here are our tips so you can prepare for the best possible pampering experience! Planning Ahead: Buy your dress first. If you haven’t already picked out a wedding gown, stop right… Read more »

Of course you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, who wouldn’t? You’ve scanned the latest salons for top-of-the-line facials, waxes, peels – and you think “when is a better time than now?” But before you jump the gun on that laser treatment, we have some tips for your beauty treatments. 1. Tanning. We get it, you want to have a healthy glow. But too many brides hit the self tanner (or, worse—damaging and dangerous tanning beds)… Read more »