This may come as a surprise, but there’s NO rule saying your wedding has to include dinner and dancing. Busting a move might feed a little odd at a mid-morning brunch reception or if your celebration is super intimate, for example. Or, maybe you and your spouse-to-be just aren’t that into dancing. That’s totally OK!  There are plenty of other entertainment options to consider for your big day.

Before we get started, here are a few tips. First, pick activities based on you and your guests’ preferences and personalities and your wedding style. If you’ve got a fun-loving crowd that likes to be a little silly (and a group of actual kids to entertain), fun games and activities could be the perfect fit! More formal affairs call for a different kind of entertainment. And don’t forget that just because you don’t want dancing doesn’t mean you can skip music altogether. Can you imagine how awkward a silent reception hall would be? Just let your band or DJ know that you want more low-key tunes, and don’t set up a dance floor. Your guests will get the picture. Swap out the dance floor for one of these other fun forms of entertainment:



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Set up a photo booth.

This is one trend we’ll never get sick of! Guests love taking pictures and having something to take home with them at the end of the night. Plus, while renting a photo booth is fun and easy, you can also get your DIY on and create your own with a real festive backdrop.

Hire an artist caricaturist.

Guests will be lining up to having their picture sketched by a professional. Ask the artist to add your monogram or another design from your big day design, and then the drawings can double as a favor, too! Um, hooray for crossing THAT off your to-do list. Have a lot of artsy friends? Let them step in and do the painting for a fun twist.

Play lawn games.

Let your inner child shine by setting up croquet, cornhole or a volleyball net at your wedding. Not having an outdoor affair? Classic board games are always a hit!

Pick a cool musical performance.

If you’re still feeling that itch for music, find a more low-key way to bring in the beat. But have fun with it! Find dueling pianos, a mariachi band, a barbershop quartet or reach out to your favorite singer-songwriter. Hey, it never hurts to ask!

Create an arcade.

If you’re going for that old-school vibe, rent classic table games, like ping pong, foosball, and billiards, and some games you’d find in a retro arcade (think pinball, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong). You could create a little lounge to house the games if you’re hoping to keep all the beeping noises and cheering away from the dining area.

Let your food and drink double as entertainment.

Why not make dinner more fun by bringing in food trucks? Dessert can be made more memorable with a DIY station for sundaes (or waffles or s’mores or cheesecakes…the options are endless!). As for drinks, consider hiring a mixologist to concoct cool drinks or a sommelier to lead a wine tasting.

Give your party a theme.

Remember how fun those themed college parties were? You’d dress up with all your friends and party on. Get creative and come up with a motif that calls for unusual (in a good way) activities and costumes. Having a carnival-themed wedding? You’ll have no shortage of games and activities to choose from, and your decor will be extraordinary. Guests definitely won’t want to leave a casino-themed reception at the end of the night. Talk to your partner about what kinds of things you’re both into…and have fun with it!

While you do want to show your guests a good time, entertainment is NOT something to stress about! Count on good conversations (and maybe a few adult beverages) to create a fun atmosphere. No matter what, your nearest and dearest will have a great time celebrating your marriage with you.


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