When it comes to wedding photos, most pros have a set shot list that helps ensure they capture key pictures — like “bride with her parents,” “groom with his parents,” “bride and groom with both sets of parents”…you get the idea. But there are a few more moments that you’re for sure going to want to cherish forever. Check out our list of photos you should definitely get at your wedding below, and use it as inspiration to help you decide what extra shots you want to add to your wedding photographer’s list.


A candid of you and your parents. There are so many parent-centric moments at your wedding, like Mom zipping up your dress or Dad walking you down the aisle. But you’ll also want at least one or two less staged snaps of you just enjoying this amazing celebration with your parents (or whoever is the parental figure in your life).

A quiet moment between you and your new husband. Weddings are pretty go-go-go from start to finish so most images of you two as a married couple will either be posed, during staged moments like the ceremony and cake-cutting, reaction shots during speeches, or while hugging or greeting guests. Ask your wedding photographer to keep an eye out for a quiet, un-staged moment between you two — maybe while you’re waiting to make your grand entrance — where he or she can catch a relaxed, completely candid just-married image of you two.

A group shot. Yes, this one will take some planning and logistics but, trust us, you will be so glad you did it. Some wedding photographers might scoff at this idea as being too hard to pull off, but see if you can work with your vendor to figure out a plan. Just think: Everyone you love the most in one photo. If anything is worth a little extra planning, this is it!

You dancing with your girls. You’ll get plenty of photos with your besties while getting ready (and posing as a bridal party) but ask your photographer to try to get a couple in-the-moment shots of you guys letting loose in your fancy dresses jamming on the dance floor.

Your grandparents. Definitely make sure your photographer knows who your grandparents are and ask him or her to snap a couple photos of them — watching your ceremony, hugging you, dancing…anything. You’ll for sure cherish these images when they’re no longer with you.

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